How To Locate One Of The Legit Sports Betting Site That You Want To Join

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How To Locate One Of The Legit Sports Betting Site That You Want To Join

Fraud is everywhere and legit sports betting is growing ever more popular on the web. There are several ways that fraudsters will infiltrate your online betting account. It can be hard to tell them apart from a legitimate sports betting site, but once you do, you’ll never be the same. Here’s a quick checklist of things to watch out for when looking to place a bet online.

Watch Out For Phony Sportsbooks – Just because the sportsbook is promoting itself as a legal sportsbook, does not mean that it is legal. There are a number of online scams that prey upon bettors. The first and foremost way is through what is known as “bookie” or “sportsbook” fraud. These sites have websites that look exactly like the actual bookmakers where you place your bets. You will usually find these fake sportsbooks promoted all over the internet. Watch out for the various logos, banners, and writing that might seem familiar.

Fake Online Profiles – If the sports betting site you are researching does not come with a live chat option, then there is a good chance that the owners of the website are up to no good. Usually, these sites will give you the option to communicate live with one of their representatives. However, the representative might not actually be a real person and instead might be a bot or a computer program designed to look and act like a human. Always be suspicious if someone you encounter tries to give you unsolicited advice or tips on placing bets.

No Wetsuit And No Paper – When you find one of these sports betting site representatives, always ask for a refundable wager deposit because chances are they are running an illegal scam. Before you allow them to give you your money, find out if there is any way to cancel your wagers at any time. At the very least, never hand over your credit card information to anyone you do not know. This should go without saying but the sad truth is that there are people out there who use sports betting sites to collect credit card information and misuse it.

No Knowledge Of Where Your Wagers Are Coming From – It’s important to find out what your bets are going to be for. Most legit sports betting sites will let you know how much you are putting down. Also, if you have questions about the various sports books that you might be using, find out what the best policies are so that you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. If they do not provide these valuable details, then this could be an indicator that you are dealing with some sort of scam.

Cheating Customer Service – Legitimate sports books will not engage in any kind of foul play or illegal activities in an attempt to scam you. You should never have to put up your security deposit in order to place your bet. Also, if the customer service representative does not return your phone calls in a timely manner, then keep looking.

No Promotional Offers – When looking for a good sports book, don’t be tempted to pay for any extras that they have to offer. They may claim that they are the only ones that offer this certain promotion but that is not true. As long as you are doing your homework, you should be able to locate one that does not engage in such practices. The most reputable sports betting sites do not need to resort to such practices as they have already proven themselves beyond doubt. Therefore, you do not need to waste your time trying to locate one of these venues if you do not want to.

Look Out For Promotional Offers – One of the classic scams that you can find on many websites are those that claim that you will get a certain percentage of a jackpot if you will simply sign up and become a member. Such offers are nothing but fraudulent schemes that will get you nothing but bad news. If you find one of these kinds of sites, you should simply cross them off your list and move onto the next online venue that offers you the ability to wager on sports. There are plenty of them and you will never find any that has such an offer if you just take the time to do the research on your own.