Powerball Jackpot Winners

If you are a Powerball player, chances are that you love Powerball because it is one of the most exciting lottery games around. There is nothing more thrilling than picking numbers that have never been revealed before. You can also get a great return on your investment by playing Powerball in Tennessee. Here are some tips to help you maximize your profits when you play Powerball:

– Keep an eye out for special Powerball drawings every week in different places in Tennessee. One fortunate Powerball player from Johnson City recently won a $100,000 jackpot on a Friday night draw. According to the Tennessee Lottery’s website, the winning ticket was drawn on Wednesday when the player selected four out of the five white balls matched in color with the winning numbers. The ticket was a single red ball, which is a rarity in that it was the only Powerball drawn that week.

– It seems that the odds of winning Powerball tickets in Tennessee are somewhat better than the national average. Some researchers estimate that only 3.5 percent of Powerball draws in Tennessee result in multi jackpot winners. Multi jackpot winners tend to have much higher winnings than any other jackpot size.

– Be sure to check out various Powerball ticket sales each week in various cities in Tennessee. Powerball winners can be found all over the state. Look for advertisements from lottery ticket sales outlets or Better Business Bureau to learn about the latest winning combinations.

– Watch for television listings on Saturday mornings. Many of the advertisers for Tennessee powerball drawings offer special “Win Big” promotions on Saturday mornings. This is usually a half-day show on various channels featuring various Powerball winners. Watch for advertisements during this time on the television.

– Be a keen observer of all of the Powerball jackpot winners in your local area. If you see a person who appears to be winning a lot of Powerball tickets every Wednesday, then call up the store and ask if they have that person’s name in their database. You will often find that someone will have it on file. Then you can go up to that person and ask how they are doing. It is always a great way to get important information.

– Be patient. Powerball winners do not become Powerball winners every week. Some of them may have a long road ahead of them, and some of them will never win. There is really no guarantee that you will become one of the Powerball winners in your area. However, if you do your homework, you should have an easier time picking out a winner than if you simply went to random selection.

– Follow all of the instructions given to you by the retailer of your tickets. There is nothing more disappointing than buying a ticket only to have someone to cash it before you get to purchase it. Also, be aware that with many Powerball drawings, there are restrictions on who can purchase tickets and there are sometimes membership requirements. If you are serious about winning, become a Powerball jackpot winner right from the start. Don’t wait until the last minute. Winning a Tennessee powerball lottery ticket must be a serious thought, so start now.

– Know how to find and track down legitimate Tennessee powerball jackpot ticket sales and winning ticket sales in your area. Keep in mind that not all ticket sales can actually pay off your winnings because some fraudulent sellers have taken advantage of the loosened restrictions in the ticket sales law in Tennessee. Some sellers have resorted to printing up phony winning slips to fool buyers and cheat the lottery authorities.

– Know how to claim your prizes within the allowed time frame. Many Powerball winners in the past have claimed their prizes within the allowed time frame, but in most cases this is no longer the case. Prize claims are usually processed within seven to ten days after the Powerball ticket has been purchased at the retail outlet. The amount of time that you have to wait for your prize may vary, depending on the particular Powerball game and the laws governing that particular game.

Winning Powerball jackpots can be yours if you are willing to exert effort and follow the rules. As with any other form of gambling, Powerball has a risk of losing your money. Potential winners should always set aside a small amount of money to play with first. Proceeding to bet on Powerball games is not a good idea, unless you can afford to lose a significant amount of money. It may seem tempting to take on the odds that the Powerball Jackpot prize will be larger than your initial purchase. However, you should be wary of Powerball odds that are offered by scam artists out there who are out to steal your money.